This Ain't Your Land

by Billy Simons

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released August 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Billy Simons New York, New York

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Track Name: The Confession of St. George
I’ve come to set the record straight for many years you’ve heard my name
Connected to a tale of fame, but now I must confess
One day a friend he came to me and said by local lottery
The daughter born to royalty Would face a gruesome death

He told the golden legend’s tale Of a dragon by the wishing well
A monster from the bowels of hell Demanding sacrifice
The king said he’d give half the world A sea of silver, gold and pearls
To any man who’d save his girl And take the dragon’s life

I thought myself a knight in satin “what’s the worst thing that can happen
Running up against a dragon and Talk about chivalry”
With all that I could stand to gain From Rescuing a royal maiden

Honor valor fortune fame and I’d make history
With all the glory and the greed that comes with helping kings in need
I climbed upon my faithful steed They called him Dragon Slayer
I rode upon that best in show And through the clouds the sun it shone
Like God was guiding me back home To that old lizard’s lair

The dragon rushed out from his cave A roaring thunderous sound he made
But me, no, I was not afraid I held my spear in pride
I looked the demon in the face And struck the beast with all my strength
And sang a hero’s serenade Before I realized

My spear became a thousand splinters shooting stars against the winter
I wished on each as they disinter- grated in the air
My body quickly hit the ground the maiden made an awful sound
I heard myself repeat my vow to save the royal heir

I felt my strength return to me while shaking in my cobblery
I stood upon my blessed feet and reached down for my sword
My chariot engulfed in flames I sprinted towards my enemy
And called the monster out by name And stabbed him through his heart

I swear it’s true what happened then An overflowing ocean came
Of poison gushing from his veins And rained all over me
My armor split like wood in two the damsel looked at me confused
That dragon he was not amused and I did just what you think

I looked the damsel in the eye, considering my foolish pride
And held my chest and head up high and thought about her father

I dropped my sword and ran away You know that you would do the same
I spread the rumor he was slain In that cave by the water
I wrote a letter to the king it seemed to me the proper thing
Said You should keep your offering And I’m sorry ’bout your daughter