Not For Nothin' (Single)

by Billy Simons

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    After working for about four years in an office where euphemisms, cliches, proverbs, and figures of speech were used more than literal language, this song materialized. I took it upon myself to do some rather extensive research and found that for every saying, there is a corresponding complement that negates its partner. This is my account of that study.

    It is what it is, I guess...

    Released: 5/16/10

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After a lifetime of walking on glass
Stepping on everybody's toes
Dancing on eggshells don't seem so bad
So long as everybody knows
You've grown too big for the boots that you own
Footnotes are all you can sing
A mile in my shoes is a feat you would lose
Oh no, not for nothin'

An ounce of prevention's a pound's worth of cure
And bigger is better, so they say
Maybe it's true that patience is a virtue
And good things will find you if you wait
Sooner is better than later I hear
And only a fool rushes in
Both you and I are a victim of time
Oh no, not for nothin'

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride
Trying to find rainbows and gold
While others are working their fingers to the bone
It's hard as nails selling your soul
We're going down in a big lead balloon
Caught in a fatal tailspin
I realize we're all dropping like flies
Oh no, not for nothin'

If I had a dollar for every time
You speak to help ease my mind
I'd have more sense than the good lord himself
But your word, ain't worth a dime
I want to be where there's money on trees
So talk wouldn't have to be so cheap
And eating your words is so hard to afford
If we really are what we eat
Biting off more than can be chewed by one man
Oh no, not for nothing
Lord I can see your tongue tied in your cheek
Oh no, not for nothing
At the end of the day, whatever you say
Oh no, not for nothin'


released November 1, 2009
Billy Simons: Vocals, guitar, harmonica
Pam Autuori: Backing vocals
David Stillman: Bass, Hammond B3

Produced by Billy Simons & David Stillman
Recorded & Mixed by David Stillman
Fugitive Sounds
Norfolk, VA
June 2010



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Billy Simons New York, New York

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